New HSM Training Guide and Case Studies now available

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New HSM Training Guide and Case Studies now available

Postby esther fhwa » Tue Sep 27, 2011 12:28 pm

Today - The Federal highway Administration released four new reference tools for transportation safety professionals to use as they implement the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) available at the following link:
HSM Training Guide: This guide focuses on identifying HSM training currently available to state and local agencies who are considering implementation of the HSM. The objectives of the training guide are to:
• Identify key focus groups that can be used as a basis for identifying particular training needs and sequence of training. This will support integration of HSM methodologies and approaches into the project development process and investment decision making processes.
• Present a flow chart for each of the key focus groups that outlines appropriate course modules and sequence of training. These flow charts support the promotion of a training program that can be customized to fit the needs of the different key focus groups (target audiences).
• Present a summary of different training delivery methods and specific reference to training methods given limited ability to travel costs. Present recommendations for optimal training approaches to conduct training on the advanced methods presented in the HSM.
• Inform state and local agencies of available HSM and HSM-related training opportunities.

HSM Case Studies:
Using Predictive methods for a Corridor Study in Idaho (HSM Case Study 1): This case study describes how Idaho used the Interactive Highway Safety Design Model (IHSDM) to evaluate safety and operational effects of geometric design decisions on highways. The IHSDM software includes a Crash Prediction Module that implements the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) Part C predictive methods for evaluating rural 2-lane highways, rural multilane highways and urban/suburban arterials.
Implementing a New Roadway Safety Management Process with SafetyAnalyst in Ohio (HSM Case Study 2): This case study discusses the use of SafetyAnalyst, a software tool designed to implement analysis methods, with HSM Part B- Roadway Safety Management Process, Chapters 4 through 9. SafetyAnalyst contains tools to perform Network Screening, Diagnosis, Countermeasure Selection, Economic Appraisal, Priority Ranking, and Countermeasure Evaluation. This software also uses the crash modification factors (CMFs) contained in Part D of the HSM to assist with countermeasure selection and economic evaluation. SafetyAnalyst also has the flexibility to allow user-defined CMFs or allow state-specific CMFs to expand or override the CMFs found in the HSM Part D.
Using Predictive Methods for Alternative Selection in Florida (HSM Case Study 3): This case study discusses how the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has used the HSM as part of their Plans Preparation Manual (PPM) criteria, used when planning highway projects. With the recent publication of the HSM, FDOT initiated a pilot project to investigate the differences in project cost based on FDOT PPM standards compared to Green Book standards to use as a tool for decision making and alternative selection during the project development process, with specific emphasis on the evaluation of safety costs utilizing the HSM predictive method.

Background: The Highway Safety Manual (HSM) introduces a science-based technical approach that takes the guesswork out of safety analysis. The HSM provides tools to conduct quantitative safety analyses, allowing for safety to be quantitatively evaluated alongside other transportation performance measures such as traffic operations, environmental impacts, and construction costs.
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